Ciao, Come stai?

Fluently joggling five languages(French, Ewe, English, Spanish,Portuguese) still seems not enough,I’m never really done learning and with languages, i want to be able to speak and interact in as many languages as i can, and the number is limitless, even sign language found a spot on the list. Here is the game plan.

Three months maximum to learn a new language, every three months, that will leave me with at least four languages to learn and fluently speak in the course of one year. up next are: Italian, Russian, Korean and Afrikaans(similar to Dutch) spoken in South Africa

Dare me? think i can pull it?…well i believe so!

Stay tune for the progress.

Massera Winigah/Image copyrighted Quro studios

This post is posted on Tuesday 27 December 2011.
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